About Us

D. Enterprises manufactures award winning personal lubricants. We released STR8cam Lube in 2010 and it quickly became the lube of choice for many adult studios. STR8cam Lube is a water based silicone lube that's safe to use with all toys & materials. It also looks and feels like real cum and is a must have for adult photo enhancement as well as personal lubrication.

Our next product line, SPUNK Lube was released in 2011. The SPUNK Lube line-up not only consists of our award winning hybrid formula but also includes two new fun lubes
. With demand from our customers for a super long lasting personal lubricant, SPUNK Lube Pure Silicone was created.

The newest addition to the SPUNK Lube family is SPUNK Lube Pink. Our Pink formula is colorful and fun to use. It's a special hybrid formula that's non sticky and non staining.

At D. Enterprises, our wheels are well lubed up and constantly turning. We are always working towards creating fun and functional personal lubrication.

All of our products ship in discreet packaging from D. Enterprises. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We look forward to your continued happiness with our unique, fun to use personal lubricants. We thank you for enjoying them all and we will continue to bring you personal lubrication unlike anything else available.