Award winning personal lubricant discreet from D. Enterprises

SPUNK Lube is award winning personal lubrication that's glycerin free, non staining, 100% sex toy safe with ALL MATERIALS & it's fun to use. Available in SPUNK Lube Hybrid, SPUNK Lube Pink & SPUNK Lube Pure Silicone. We now also carry adult sex toys & accessories. Be sure to read our customer testimonials or contact us if you have questions.

Product Catalog

These are our best selling products, in order of popularity.
SPUNK Lube Hybrid (8 oz) 236 ml
Price: $14.00
STR8cam Lube Hybrid 8 oz (236 ml)
Price: $14.00
SPUNK Lube Pure Silicone (8 oz) 236 ml
Price: $19.00
SPUNK Lube Trio - 8 oz (236 ml)
Price: $38.00
SPUNK Lube Hybrid (2 oz) 59 ml
Price: $9.00
SPUNK Lube Hybrid Silicone combo (8 oz)
Price: $29.00