Award winning personal lubricant discreet from D. Enterprises

SPUNK Lube is glycerin free & available in HybridPure SiliconeNatural & Pink.

White & creamy SPUNK Lube that mimics natural body lubrication. Multi-award winning cum lube that's "water based silicone" & perfect for loading ejaculating dildos, realistic jizz squirting sex toys & more.

SPUNK Lube Hybrid
SPUNK Lube stands strong with all people, especially our friends in the LGBTQ+ community. If your celebration takes a more intimate turn, we take PRIDE in being your personal lubricant of choice. SPUNK Lube PRIDE 8 oz is in limited supply.

Organic blend of edible moisturizing sex oil. Organic virgin coconut oil & organic avocado oil lock in moisture for amazing natural personal lubrication. Free of silicone, glycerin, paraben & other ingredients. Hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial.

SPUNK Lube Natural

Non drying, 100% pure clear silicone that will out last you. Free from glycerin, parabens, propylene glycol & other ingredients. SPUNK Lube Pure Silicone is sex toy safe, non staining & softens your skin during use.

SPUNK Lube Pure Silicone

Colored PINK, easy to clean & fun to use. Non staining, glycerin free, latex friendly & sex toy safe with ALL materials. SPUNK Lube Pink is a perfect blend of water and silicone that feels soft & great on your skin.

SPUNK Lube Pink
Save money with a SPUNK Lube Variety Pack. Now you can buy a bottle of each version of SPUNK Lube or choose from special variety packs of SPUNK Lube Hybrid, Pure Silicone, Pink & Natural.
SPUNK Lube Variety Packs
For a limited time, when you buy 3 bottles of SPUNK Lube Hybrid, Pure Silicone, Natural or Pink you will get the 4th bottle for FREE. Order 3 bottles and get the 4th one FREE. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.
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STR8cam Lube Hybrid is a water based hybrid lube that resembles the look & feel of natural body lubrication (SPUNK). It's white & creamy, and feels unlike any other personal lubricant available. Also available as SPUNK Lube Hybrid.

STR8cam Lube Hybrid